Progetto formazione a distanza Università degli Studi di Napoli "L'Orientale" - Lingua inglese

The objectives of this eLearning platform are designed to enhance intelligibility and to:

  • DISCOVER which features of English pronunciation you need to work on to communicate more clearly.
  • IMPROVE intelligibility by gaining a better understanding of English consonants, vowels, rhythm, stress, and intonation.
  • IMPROVE your ability to understand fast, casual conversations in English.
  • LEARN strategies for practicing and improving pronunciation on your own.

Short videos will be combined with activities, questionnaires and a forum to illustrate the main points of each week. You will be asked to share your own experiences and opinions as you become part of a community of English language learners. To interact with other students you need to observe the netiquette. 

Teaching Assistants, Jackie Aiello and Anna Mongibello, will guide you through each week's content.